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Why do we blog?

Posted in Uncategorized by Erin on December 7, 2009
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I originally started this blog in September when I lost my job. Not only did I have extra time on my hands, but I also truthfully missed writing. From school to my career, writing has always been important to me—I was definitely the type to prefer papers rather than tests. Written communication has always been an essential outlet (I often find myself with so many thoughts and ideas buzzing in my head, writing is the only way for me to get them all out).

Last week, I attended the BlogHer NYC Holiday Party. I met some fabulous ladies (and a few gents!), and the conversation was a mirrored reflection of their exterior: striking, chic, and up-to-the-minute on trends and news alike.

@MeghanButler, @CiaoChessa, and me! at Pranna

More than a few ladies asked me, “Why did you start a blog?” A simple enough question, yes, but I found that my response didn’t quite match why I originally thought I started this blog.

I like to write, of course. But my answers were more of the “I feel like I can actually have a voice in my industry,” and “I want to explore upcoming trends and issues in social media” variety.

Some people blog on behalf of corporations. For others, blogging’s merely a fun hobby and a way to connect with others. For others still, it’s a great way to update friends and family on what’s going on in his or her life. No matter what it is, it is important to have a purpose when writing anything. (Insert flashbacks to high school English class here.)

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a far cry from LAF or Sasha Halima. And yet—I am not trying to be them. As much as I respect these ladies and many other people who blog about the industry, it’s vital to not attempt emulation. Fashion can be replicated and be accepted as flattery—but thoughts, ideas, and innovation are exceptionally one’s own. There is a fine line between inspiration and imitation.

So—what’s this post’s point? Simply said, I have a renewed motivation to actively explore those trends and issues I preached about while at BlogHer. A new sense of needing to connect with people. And I will do so with this very blog.

Sticky notes abound on my Macbook’s desktop, full of blog post topics and other ideas. This post is a vow to finally resolve the purpose of those sticky notes and bring them to fruition.

Why do you blog?