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Run, don’t walk, to your local bookstore…

Posted in social media,Uncategorized by Erin on October 29, 2009
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For my next blog post, I was planning on writing about monitoring messaging versus controlling messaging.  Either that, or why using only 140 characters may be good practice for both PR pros and journalists alike (and ways to increase RTs and @mentions).

But scratch that.  After attending an invite-only Social Darwinism panel discussion on Monday, I’ve changed my mind.  Among the panel participants were Paul Argenti and Courtney Barnes, coauthors of the new book, “Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications.”

Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications


It was a great event—in the great venue of the 50th floor of the McGraw-Hill Companies building—and although I have yet to read the book for which the event was intended, as soon as I finish this post I am heading straight to Barnes & Noble.  Having conversed with Mr. Argenti via Twitter and email, he is truly an expert in corporate communications of all sorts, and modest at that.

I encourage you all to check out the #digistrat feed on Twitter to gain more insight; here are my top ten highlights of the interactive panel (straight from my Twitter account):

“Companies used to control…companies used to target. Those days are over.” @paulargenti at #digistrat

“Use social media as a means to change the nature of journalism” @johnabyrne at #digistrat

“Create convo & relationships w/ the thought that it can be = or more than = value to the reader” @johnabyrne at #digistrat

“The nature of search–google–is becoming ‘social search’…the function of google is now integrated” @courtneymbarnes at #digistrat

“People are at this very min talking abt us…with or without us. People trust info from other people like themselves” @jnjcomm at #digistrat

“Allow ppl to cmt…what do u do with it? Realize the audience can talk back–and provide info” @jnjcomm at #digistrat

“Elmnts like search, vids, wbcsts, etc r now part of ur arsenal. Take advantage bc others will. Its the only way 2 b successful” #digistrat

Orgs r usually geared twd 1way comm. Socmed moves twd r’ships. Move w authority, b flexible, talk in open & unrestricted way #digistrat

Measurement of ROI is difficult. How do u measure loyalty and participation? #digistrat

Ask urself – what are we trying to acheive w an integrated approach? Its all abt goals, ppl! #digistrat

For Pete’s sake–order it now!


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