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A Guide: Finding a Job on Twitter

Posted in jobs,social media by Erin on October 7, 2009
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You’re in your mid-twenties and out of work. Instead of hitting the classifieds or even traditional job search websites, do as the Gen Y-ers do: use social media to your advantage.

When the rate of unemployment is 9.8 percent, it can be frustrating trying to find a job and having all your leads escort you to a dead end. However, in today’s real-time world of immediate updates and instant gratification, it’s easy to use social media to do anything, even find a job.

Here are my five steps to finding a job via Twitter.

1. Personal Branding

Everyone knows Kashi is all about tasty, natural foods and Vogue is the face of luxury. But who are you? What do you represent? If you’re a PR pro, tweet about things happening in the PR, marketing, and journalism industries, providing links to case studies and news articles. In the healthcare industry? Tweet about the insurance debate and the H1N1 virus.

2. TweetBeep Alerts

Much like Google Alerts, TweetBeep allows you to set up personalized keywords so you don’t have to constantly search Twitter. It scours all Twitter updates for tweets containing your keyword(s). Need an example? I set up an alert for the keywords “pr” and “hiring”—and I receive several emails per day listing tweets with links bringing me directly to appropriate job listings. (Of course, if you only want, say, one email per day, you can change your settings accordingly.)

3. Relationship Building

One of my absolute favorite things about Twitter is the daily interaction. It’s important to not just simply post links—you need to interact with your followers! Retweet their links, comment on their blogs, and, heck, @mention them to see how their workday is going. Doing so builds rapport and relationships organically. That said, don’t go overboard. If they’ve never mentioned their son or daughter to you, or their favored birth control methods to you, doing so will not only get you unfollowed, but also a possible restraining order.

4. Attending Tweetups

It’s one thing to maintain a relationship on Twitter or through email, but converting that affinity to real life is key. It will make your online relationship that much stronger. Tweetups are also great networking opportunities with people you don’t already know. Recently, I attended #SMPR (a group of NYC PR and social media pros) and made a few imperative contacts. One of those contacts referred me to her firm’s human resources department, and the next day I had a call for an interview.

5. In Real Life Translation

I already touched on this in regards to attending Tweetups, but it’s an important point to keep in mind. No matter how great you may seem on Twitter (or on paper), if you can’t demonstrate that same personal brand you worked so hard to create during an in-person interview, it’ll do you no good. If you’re transparent behind the screen (be yourself!), you should have no problem matching that brand in real life. (Please note: this does not mean oversharing on Twitter—we do NOT need to know about your most recent bowel movements or your relationship problems. Save that for Facebook.)

Following these five steps will not guarantee you to land your unrealistic dream job, but it should make the hunt for your next position a little less painful.

What do you think? Any others you would add?


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